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Associated Oregon Loggers, Inc. (AOL) is the statewide trade association representing some 1,000 member companies engaged in the harvest and sustainable forest management of Oregon’s 30 million acres of forestland. “Logger and Proud of It!”

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2016 SFT-Employee Training  ●  Annual Crew Training Required


NEW!!  STARTING IN 2016, ANNUAL SFT-EMPLOYEE TRAINING IS A NEW REQUIRED ELEMENT OF OPL – Each year, current field employees by July 1st must complete the video-based ‘Sustainable Forestry Training for Logging Operators’ (SFT).  And, trained employee names must be listed on the SFT-Verify Form (sent to AOL by Aug. 1st).  The new 2016 SFT-Employee Training DVD is still worth 1 OPL-FP credit annually.  The SFT Training credit requirement is subject to the following NEW CONDITIONS:


• Field employees, every year are required to receive SFT training, by July 1st each year
• By July 1st —Train current field employees, every year
• By Aug. 1st —Send SFT-Verify Form to AOL; necessary to maintain OPL status, every year
• SFT-trained individual names on Verify Form —must be clearly printed on Form (legible)
• Keep a copy of SFT-Verify Form**—for proof to SFI timber purchasers of SFT-trained names
**Starting in 2016, expect your SFI timber purchaser/landowner to request copy of SFT-Verify Form
• New-Year SFT ‘Workbook’ provided by AOL each year—Must use only the current year’s SFT Workbook, dated on a calendar-year basis (2016 example: ‘2016 SFT Workbook’)
• Workbook includes a “worksheet review”, to reinforce SFT messages with trained employees

1. 2016 SFT-Employee Training DVD (55-minutes)
2. 2016 SFT Workbook  (26-pages) — new Workbook from AOL each year; Workbook includes: ‘SFT-Verify Form’; SFT Message List page; Instructor’s Guide; and Worksheet Review test


By July 1st -- SFT-Employee Training of field employees to be completed annually
By August 1st -- SFT Verify Form sent annually to AOL, to maintain OPL status
Individual names of SFT-trained workers must be written on SFT-Verify Form. KEEP COPY OF FORM!


1. 2007 SFT-Employee Training’ DVD  (25-minutes); old SFT Workbook (2-page)
2. Old laminated SFT Wallet Card  (Replaced by 2016 ‘SFT Message List’ in Workbook(1-page)
3. 2011 OPL Standards Handbook

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