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Welcome to the Associated Oregon Loggers!

Associated Oregon Loggers, Inc. (AOL) is the statewide trade association representing some 1,000 member companies engaged in the harvest and sustainable forest management of Oregon’s 30 million acres of forestland. “Logger and Proud of It!”

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Why should you renew your company membership…and why would you recommend to others that they join AOL?

  1. Access to purpose-built group insurance products that are well-serviced by a team of agents AND field consultants who are knowledgeable about your specific business: SAIF workers’ comp.; property & casualty; health & medical; benefits
  2. NEW workforce help in 2021-22! Building a new workforce development program that can improve worker recruiting, retention, and making the forest a great place to work!
  3. Cost savings. Reimbursement for training first aid/CPR/audiometric; discounts and dividends on group insurance and fuel
  4. Unrivaled consulting team. Skilled AOL consultants in safety management; early return to work; forest business regulation; and workforce development
  5. Strong lobby and policymaking voice to advocate for logger, employer, and allied forest contractor businesses with government: state, federal, legislatures, agencies
  6. Current information about the rapidly-changing contract business landscape, changing regulations, and industry outlooks—which informs your company decisions
  7. Representing the logger’s voice among industry partners, and also building allied coalitions that accomplish greater long-term outcomes for forest contract business
  8. Networking, outreach, and community service—Combined efforts for the greater good among your contractor peers
  9. Fighting for greater timber supply—Increase long-term forest management on those 64% of Oregon forests that are public
  10. Menu of additional program upgrades for contractor business success, includes:

    • Oregon Pro Logger qualification/training
    • Fuel cardlock group discount
    • Safety & hazard materials
    • Seminars and advice on current issues
    • Alerts about changes or policy actions
    • News about rule changes
    • Supervisor training *coming next year!

Your company’s buying power and voice is greater together—working with this association. And, your continued support keeps AOL programs strong during 2021-2022. Your investment boosts six new upgrades to continue advantage in AOL membership:

  1. WORKFORCE HELP to tackle labor challenges. On May 21st, AOL’s Board of Directors approved AOL investment to add a new AOL workforce development program. This will begin assisting member employers navigate the workforce shortages, and also begin making the forest a great place to work. A new AOL workforce manager will soon be hired to champion this essential function to keep our contract business employers sustainable. Your new AOL program responds to members’ urgent need to attract, retain, and develop qualified workers in forest occupations. Sustainable workforce and making the forest a great place to work!
  2. WORKERS’ COMP SERVICES. Re-energize your AOL-SAIF workers compensation agency services with new directions. New AOL managers Dave Boyd and Dusty Ross are on-board to lead your agency program with fresh expertise. Our team is opening more effective tools to address safety, health, claims, and risk management for contractors. AOL’s professional consulting team in safety and return to work are sharpening their tools to best reinforce your company’s jobsite work.
  3. LOBBYING VOICE. Your business advocacy voice is becoming louder and more penetrating in Oregon public policy, lawmaking, and media. New AOL manager Amanda Astor is on-board—joining Kevin Campbell, Ralph Saperstein, and Rex Storm to voice your passion for sound management across Oregon. The AOL Political Action Committee is a powerful tool that supports our legislative advocacy on your behalf in Salem.
  4. USEFUL INFORMATION to YOUR COMPANY. Member services, and administration are being modernized to better get information to members and partners. This coming year we are installing new communication technologies aiming to speed more useful connections with members, partners, and policymakers. New AOL business manager Kathy Ballard arrived June 7th to administer AOL’s business, and to also work with our new team to grow our technology use.
  5. GOOD STEWARDS of AOL DOLLARS. We aim to apply every member dues dollar to valued service and advocacy that yields desired membership goals. Furthermore, your AOL Services, Inc for-profit company invests those group insurance commissions and other income into additional service and advocacy sought by membership. AOL fiscal plans and budgets are overseen by the association’s volunteer member officers and board.
  6. REFRESHING AOL’S MISSION and BYLAWS. Our staff is excited that Bylaws Committee chair Jim Gahlsdorf this spring has convened a committee and board-driven process to "tune-up" our governing bylaws— refreshing our vision to assure that AOL steers along a good roadmap to deliver excellent member programs.


We are stronger by working together. We work for you!

Your generous support of membership dues assures that our AOL team can continue its important work this next year.

Information about AOL membership is available at: 503-364-1330;


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