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Associated Oregon Loggers, Inc. (AOL) is the statewide trade association representing some 1,000 member companies engaged in the harvest and sustainable forest management of Oregon’s 30 million acres of forestland. “Logger and Proud of It!”

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Branch Out, and Reach New (Contracting) Opportunities

Part of ensuring that we have a way to attract workers to Forest Careers is ensur-ing that we have vibrant and interesting jobs and that we have plenty of work for forest operators.

Recently, AOL was contacted to engage with ODOT Workforce & Business Development to explore whether we wanted to participate in a Job and Career Fair (in March in Gold Beach, OR). From that conversation we talked about many opportunities for our members to engage.

As a caveat, some of you already do this work, but it may be an exciting opportunity for those who do not. The majority of our members are ‘small businesses.’ We want to support those businesses sustaining and building. The term "emerging small business" is for businesses of a certain size who wish to bid on state contracts. To qualify, a company must have 19 or fewer employees (including owner) to be a tier 1 company (and 29 or fewer to be tier 2, specific info: https://secure. action?selectedDivision=211).

For tier 1 companies (*non-construction) to qualify, (3-year) average gross annual income needs to be less than $789,189 (construction tier 1 firms $1,972,996).

Benefits of the emerging small business (ESB) designation are that, for up to 12 years (as long as ESB designation is maintained), a compa-ny gains access to contracting opportunities which are only available for ESB designated companies, and often will get priority bidding or consideration on other public contracts.

State funded contracts available to registered (ESB) companies are on the OregonBuys (https:// system. It is free to register, and opens opportunities for our members which may have been previously untapped. There are many timber harvest opportunities on roadways which are covered by these contracts.

There may be additional opportunities avail-able through connecting to the ODOT district managers. Check out this link of ODOT dis-tricts you may want to work in (https://www.

District-Map--Contact-Info.aspx). Please contact them and share your capability statement with them.

There are 14 (ODOT) maintenance districts across the state. Each district is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance and operations of the state highways in their geographic area. To ask a question or report a concern on a specific section of highway, please contact the local district office.

  1. ‘OregonBuys,’ online state contracting marketplace, provides access to procurement and contracting information issued by the State of Oregon, local governments, counties, schools, special districts, and other agencies. Be very detailed so your company gets all the opportunities that can be emailed to your company (from all state agencies). ORPIN has been replaced by OregonBuys.
  2. a. Make sure your descriptions and NAICS/NIGP codes in OregonBuys cover all your company does to ensure you get all the notifications.

  3. Consider the no fee certifications emerging small business certified, there are projects let only for ESBs and minority/women business enterprise, service disabled veteran, and/or disadvantaged business enterprise. Certification gives your company a higher level of visibility and opportunities.
    1. Apply online for all certifications that reflect your company (takes at least 45 days to receive certifications).
    2. Check out the COBID Directory— search for your businesses and others who are certified in your scope/arena of work to verify the codes you choose are best.
    3. ODOT lets projects only ESBs can bid on, so the certification can help your business on many levels.

    1. Government Contract Assistance Program (GCAP) can help with bids for state and federal agencies. GCAP has many services at no charge, some services for minimal fees, that are well worth it!
    2. Sign up for the OCR (Office of Civil Rights) newsletter as it will contain good information and is easy to unsubscribe ( accounts/ORDOT/bulletins/2fb7b3a).

    We know there is a need for finding workers. Having expanding work opportunities and ex-panding access and resources for members are all part of the workforce development process.

    If you or your business need assistance with the application or verification process, please reach out and ask for help. There are state-based technical support services for no cost for companies.

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