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Introduction to “AOL”… Associated Oregon Loggers, Inc.

“Loggers and Proud of It!”
Association of Oregon Loggers: Two Loggers Consulting

Associated Oregon Loggers, Inc. (AOL*) is the statewide trade association representing some 1,000 member companies engaged in the harvest and sustainable forest management of Oregon’s 30 million acres of forestland. Founded in 1969, for more than 40 years the association has provided business services to independent contract logging firms and allied forestry small businesses. Oregon’s forest contractors proudly grow, harvest, and manage renewable forests. AOL has the largest logging association membership in America!

Services Provided to Contract Loggers
Association of Oregon Loggers: Logging Crew on Logging Road

AOL’s staff of 16 skilled professionals provides excellent service and representation for the associations’ 1,000 member companies. Associated Oregon Loggers provides member companies those valued small business service programs including: government affairs, group insurance benefits, industry relations, field communications, professional certification, public relations, technical assistance, and community service.

Association of Oregon Loggers: Logger with Power Saw

In addition to providing services to loggers, the association also works with allied forest sector organizations to foster the effective business and public policy climate, necessary for forest contractors to prosper in their small business operations. AOL successfully promotes fair business regulation, sound forest policy, safe work practices, economical production, public climate-building, cooperative stewardship, industry communication, sustainable certification, workforce education, and charitable contribution to their community.

Association of Oregon Loggers: Logging High Wire Act

Known as “voice of the logger,” AOL collaborates with other forestry and farm trade groups around Oregon, including: American Loggers Council, Oregon Forest Industries Council, Oregon Small Woodlands Association, American Forest Resources Association, Oregonians for Food & Shelter, Oregon Farm Bureau, Oregon Trucking Association, Associated Oregon Industries, Forest Resources Association, Oregon Tree Farm System, and Sustainable Forestry Initiative-Oregon SIC, to name a few.

We hope you find our website to be useful and informative about AOL services, Oregon forest operations, logging, and sustainable forestry.

*We have had the "AOL" acronym much longer than that other AOL.

Who are AOL companies; and what do they do?
Association of Oregon Loggers: Heavy Equipment Clearing Path

The association’s member companies perform a variety of forest management activities, which extend well beyond the “logging” or harvesting of timber products sustainably grown in Oregon forests. Oregon loggers are a proud bunch! Oregon’s contract forest operations segment of the forest industry involves a couple thousand independent small businesses who grow, harvest and manage the forests. The independent logger continuously innovates and improves methods to remain competitive.

Association of Oregon Loggers: Three Loggers Examining Area

Similar to the building trades, the forest contractor works on a contract basis for the different forest landowners, timber purchasers, and timber manufacturers. A forest contractor typically specializes in one or a few forestry functions, meaning that a single forest management project may involve several contractors—just as many contractors are involved in building a home.

Association of Oregon Loggers: Equipment Moving Pile of Logs

AOL member businesses provide contract service in the following forestry functions: timber cutting, yarding, skidding, log processing, loading & sorting, trucking of logs/chips/fiber, site preparation/release, reforestation, young forest protection/thinning, forest road construction & maintenance, erosion control, fuel hazard reduction, slash pile & burn, prescribed burning, firefighting, habitat improvement, stream restoration, and so forth. Associate members provide supplies, services, consulting, and manufacturing.

Association of Oregon Loggers: Heavy Equipment Selective Logging Work

Oregon is a nation-leading grower of softwood timber renowned for its innovative forest management and sustainable logging operations. You may not know that Oregon is also America’s leading manufacturer of softwood lumber, plywood and structural wood. Oregon’s forest sector is recognized for its world-renowned forest product production, workplace safety, a high-wage professional workforce, abundant superior forest protection and resource stewardship.

Association of Oregon Loggers: Two Pieces of Heavy Equipment Sorting Logs

Superior wood and paper products grown, harvested and manufactured in Oregon are distributed across America and to global markets. Our forest sector for over a century has remained one of Oregon’s top-3 “traded good industries”, which sells products out-of-state bringing high income to Oregonians. One in 20 Oregon jobs depends on forest management and forest product manufacturing – some 76,000 people. Total annual sector wages were $5.2 billion in Oregon in 2011, according to ‘The 2012 Forest Report.’ An additional 37,000 Oregonians are at work supplying and servicing the forest sector.

The forest sector’s overall impact on Oregon’s economy in 2011 was $12.7 billion – nearly 7 percent of the state’s economic base. For more forest economic information, click: The 2012 Forest Report – An Economic Assessment of Oregon’s Forest and Wood Products Manufacturing Sector”