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Careers in Logging

Association Oregon Loggers: Heavy Logging Equipment Operator Careers in Oregon’s forest and wood products manufacturing operations offer exciting opportunities to learn and apply a wide range of skills in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. These rewarding careers deliver valuable wood & paper products to expanding global markets.

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Career Resources

Association Oregon Loggers: Logging Crew Advances For additional information about careers in Oregon’s forest and wood products manufacturing operations, there are several websites offering career preparation, options, and employment guidance for both students and jobseekers.

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List of Forest Jobs

Association Oregon Loggers: Laying Out the Tasks at Hand Learn about the many rewarding forest operations jobs and career opportunities, which await graduating students, job seekers, and anyone wanting an exciting outdoor career working with the best people.

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Forest Careers for High School Grads and College-Bound

Association Oregon Loggers: Book Cover High School Graduate Logging Careers The Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI) provides many resources to high school grads looking to start a rewarding career, and valuable information for students pursuing college degrees in the forest sector. The OFRI has created a new publication profiling 19 people working in the forest sector in Oregon. The Careers section of the OFRI website has videos to help visualize what many of the forest sector jobs entail. There are lists of colleges and degree programs as well.

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