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Careers Brief | Logging and Forest Career Lists
List of Forest Jobs

Read further below, to learn about the many rewarding forest operations jobs and career opportunities, which await graduating students, job seekers, and anyone wanting an exciting outdoor career—working with the best people, producing great renewable products, and a daily occupation in the ever-changing Oregon forest environment!

To read more about the jobs below, such as great descriptions of each different job, go to the Pacific Forest Foundation (Forest/Logging Careers) website:

Logging Crew

Timber Faller
Timber Bucker
Choker Setter
Rigging Slinger
Tree Climber

Forestry Crew

Tree Planter
Pre-commercial thinner
Fuels & Erosion Helper
Plantain Worker
Prescribed Burner
Forestry/General Laborer
Fire Pump/Engine Tender

Heavy Equipment Operation - Logging Machines

Skidder Operator
Shovel Logger Operator
Log Loader Operator
Yarder Operator
Feller-Buncher Operator
Delimber Operator
Processor Operator
Forwarder Operator
Front-End Loader Operator
Slash Machine Operator
Chipper Operator
Helicopter Pilot

Heavy Equipment Operation – Road Building & Maintenance Machines

Grader Operator
Cat Operator – Road building
Excavator/Track Hoe Operator
Backhoe Operator
Compactor Operator
Scraper Operator
Rock Drill/Compressor Operator
Rock Crusher Operator
Front-End Loader Operator


Log Truck Driver
Self-Loader Truck Driver
Chip Van Driver
Lowboy Driver
Dump Truck & Trailer Driver
Off-highway, End-Dump Driver
Support Truck Driver
Fire Engine/WaterTender Driver
Pilot Car Driver

Equipment Mechanical Services

Shop Mechanic
Field Service Mechanic
Specialized Mechanics
SawShop/SmallMotor Mechanic
Mechanic’s Assistant

Forestry Technician

Forest Technician
Natural Resource Technician
Survey Technician

Engineering-Road Technician
Rock Tech.-Drilling/Explosive
Fire Technician
Firewatch /Security WatchLog Scaler
Forestry Aid

Forest Management / Supervision

Hooktender (Logging)
Bullbuck (Falling)
Crew Boss (Forestry)
Engine Boss (Fire/Water)
Construction Manager(Road)
Truck Manager (Log/Chip)
Service Manager (Mechanic)
Reload/Log Yard Manager
Timber/Procurement Manger
Supervisor (General Foreman)
Project Manager (Multi-jobsite)
Forest Manager (Forestlands)

Forestry Professionals

Operations Business Mgr.
Engineer (Civil/Forest)
Environmental Coordinator
Extension Educator
Fire Management Officer
GIS Specialist/Cartographer
Government/Policy Lobbyist
Information Technology Spec.
Land Surveyor
Landscape Architect
Logistics/Forest Planner
Outdoor Recreation Director
Public Forest Administrator
Public Relations Manager
Range Conservationist
Realty/Appraisal Specialist
Security Officer
Scientist (Forest)
Soil Scientist

Small Business Ownership

Timber Falling/Cutting
Logging, Ground-based
Logging, Cable
Chipping/Biomass Recovery
Fuel Reduction/Slash Disposal
Helicopter Operations
Forest Road Construction
Forest Road Maintenance
Recreation Build & Maintain
Rock Crush & Quarry Products
Forestry Crew Services
Forest Fire Services
Trucking, Log/Chip/Lumber
Heavy Equipment Hauling
Allied Transport: Rail, Barge
Sort Yard/Intermodal: Log/Chip
Mechanical Repair Services
Equipment/Truck Dealer
Construction/Forestry Suppliers
Logger's Supply/Saw Shop
Timber Scaling & Measures
Forestry Technician Services
Forest Professional Consulting

The Best Things about an Oregon Forestry and Logging Job…

  • Outside is a great place to be you!
    • Freedom to be outdoors and see nature
    • Caring for the environment every day
    • Experience spectacular sunrises & wildlife
    • Out-& about; staying fit feels good
  • Making something good and useful
    • Producing renewable forest crops & trees
    • Grow, harvest, maintain & build cool things
    • Delivering wood & fiber Americans use
    • Wood is good; it’s the miracle resource
  • Lots of work variety
    • Seeing results daily of your work
    • Learn so many skills; self-improvement
    • Problem-solving happens; accomplishment
    • New & different variety every single day
  • Small-town life
    • Rural community lifestyles, friendly people
    • Work with family-oriented crew & employer
    • Surrounded by honest, ethical, hardworking folks
    • Leave-behind the city traffic, crime & hassles
  • More than a satisfying job: A great career!
    • Career advancement opportunities
    • Wages above statewide average
    • Innovation & efficiency rewarded
    • Own-your-own business; be your own boss
  • Employers are plentiful
    • Private forest landowners
    • Contractors - small forest businesses
    • Forest product manufacturers
    • Government forest owners & regulating agencies
  • Technology in the 21st century
    • Hi-tech machinery; safer; climate-controlled cab
    • Virtual reality operation; mechanized processing
    • Making energy-efficient, natural products
    • Designing better ways; purpose-built; optimizing
  • Excellent outlook for a career here!
    • Forest sector thriving part of economy
    • Abundant forests, strong sustainable resources
    • Nation-leading forest product sector
    • Excellent future for forestry jobs & careers!