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I Own Forestland in Oregon

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Small forest landowners are proud stewards of their well-tended forests. Every forest landowner has their own vision for maintaining their land over time, but not everyone is sure how to make their vision a reality. Whether you own a small forest, or are just interested in learning more about Oregon forestry, continue reading here about managing small forest properties.

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An Oregon small forest landowner should seek knowledgeable professional help before beginning a forestry project. A consulting forester, a logging contractor, a timber mill log buyer, or a tree service, are examples of these professionals. This page includes links to forestry professionals, from which an Oregon small forest landowner may seek additional consultation.

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Where does an Oregon small forest landowner find more information about how to manage their forest? While there is no single perfect source with all the answers; this page includes online links to direct the reader toward additional information sources that focus on Oregon small forest management.