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An Oregon small forest landowner should seek knowledgeable professional help before beginning a forestry project. These “projects” can include writing a forest management plan, planning to conduct any significant forest management operation, or preparing to harvest timber and complete planting using a written timber sale contract.

A consulting forester, a timber mill log buyer, a logging contractor, or a tree service, are examples of professionals who can help a small forest owner complete activities on their property. Forestry can be complicated, and further advice may be sought to make a management plan, and finding professionals who can arrange operations that harvest, sell timber, remove individual trees, and complete reforestation after logging.

Listed below are several types of reputable forestry professionals, from which an Oregon small forest landowner may seek additional consultation:

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  • Consulting Forester—A private contracting business that provides forester services for a fee to small forest owners; assists with all aspects of forest planning and harvesting. Two professional forester credentials available in Oregon: a) Certified by Association of Consulting Foresters ; and b) Society of American Foresters ‘Certified Forester’: Learn more about Oregon Consulting Foresters online at:
  • Logging / Roading Contractor—A private harvest contracting business that harvests, hauls logs, sells timber, and builds/repairs forest roads. Some contractors specialize in small landowner harvest operations and reforestation; contractor includes a service fee in their harvest rate. Certified Oregon Professional Loggers (OPL) have completed a continuing education regimen. OPL loggers are listed in a directory at: Find out more about Oregon Logging/Roading Contractors online at:

  • Timber Mill Log Buyer—A private timber manufacturing business, which commonly sub-contracts timber harvesting. Timber mills that purchase logs often may assist small landowners in completing harvest operations and reforesting post-harvest. Log Buyers arrange harvests for a fee that may reduce timber purchase rate paid to the landowner. Contact local sawmills and plywood-veneer mills; or learn more about Oregon Log Buyers online at:
  • Reforestation / Forestry Services Contractor—A private, post-harvest business that conducts reforestation, clean-up after harvest, or other labor-intensive forestry improvements/protections in young forests; fee charged for services. Learn more about Oregon Reforestation Contractors online at: Some reforestation contractors are certified Oregon Professional Loggers, listed in online at:
  • Tree Service / Arborist Contractor—A private, business focused on individual tree care for residential landscape trees and trees near buildings/powerlines; charges fee for services. Provides a variety of tree services, including: removal near structures & powerlines, powerline clearing, trimming, pest appraisal, emergency care, and storm cleanup. An experienced ‘ISA Certified Arborist’ has passed a tree-care certification exam: or Find out more about Oregon arborist or tree service contractors online at (“insect & disease assistance”):

  • OSU-County Extension Forester—Oregon State University/ County professional ‘Extension Forester,’ which provides introductory forestry information about forest management practices and decision-making. Extension Forestry offices are listed in a directory at:
  • Oregon Dept. of Forestry Stewardship Forester—More than 30 state Stewardship Foresters are located at 12 District offices statewide for the Oregon Dept. of Forestry (ODF), who provide information about forestry regulations and monitor forest regulatory compliance.

  • Master Woodland Manager—A ‘Master Woodland Manger’ (MWM) is an experienced small forestland owner, having completed an 85-hour forestry curriculum. A MWM can offer initial forestry information about where to begin a forest plan and a harvest. Find out more about MWM online at:
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