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More Information for Landowners

Where does an Oregon small forest landowner find more information about how to manage their forest? While there is no single perfect source with all the answers; this page includes online links to direct the reader toward additional information sources that focus on Oregon small forest management.

In Oregon, more than 140,000 non-industrial “small” forest landowners care for 4.7 million acres of forestland. These small-sized properties comprise about one-third of all Oregon’s private forestland, or about 15% of Oregon’s total forestland statewide. These small forests are typically family-owned, from 2 acres to 5,000 acres in size, and average just 20-80 acres each.

Relying on the expertise of forestry professionals for help with planning and operations reduces the likelihood that an inexperienced small landowner would have problems harvesting, tree planting, or tending their forest roads. Forest management planning helps the landowner consider important aspects about their small forest:

  • Ownership objectives
  • Natural resource values
  • Help from forest professionals
  • Harvest and reforestation
  • Oregon forest regulations
  • Access/boundary/protection
  • Contracting/forestry/accounting/financial/legal/tax

Managing small forestland is a big assignment. Fortunately, in Oregon there are many sources of assistance to the small landowner. The following links provide information that can help manage your forest, or simply to help others better appreciate Oregon’s special small forestlands.

More informationMore informationMore information

Links to online information for small forest landowners

Certified Forester; Society of American Foresters

Private organization of Certified Foresters

Consulting Foresters; Association of Consulting Foresters

Private organization of Certified Forestry Consultants

Forest Management Planning

Online guide to writing an Oregon forest management plan, from Oregon State University

Forest Seedling Network

Private organization connects Oregon forest landowners with seedling providers, forestry services and contractors in the Northwest region.

Know Your Forest

About managing small Oregon forestlands, sponsored by State of Oregon partnership

ISA Certified Arborist

Private organization of Certified Arborist tree services

Master Woodland Manager Program

OSU-sponsored Master Woodland Mangers in Oregon

My Land Plan

Use this online tool to create maps, establish goals and actions, and connect with a forester. Sponsored by American Forest Foundation.

Oregon Dept. of Forestry, Private Forests Division

State of Oregon agency Stewardship Foresters


Oregon Dept. of Revenue, Timber Taxes, Property Taxes

Information about Oregon forestland property tax assessment; forest products harvest tax; small tract option program, personal property tax, at:

Oregon Forest Directory

Listings of service providers and forestry information, from Oregon State University, College of Forestry

Oregon Forest Regulations; Oregon Dept. of Forestry

Rules for private forestland operations, administered by Oregon Dept. of Forestry, includes rules addressing: forest practices; fire prevention; power-driven machinery; petroleum use & chemical application; smoke management & burning; timber trespass; log branding; forestland-urban interface protection; forestland classification; and timber harvest taxation.

Oregon Forest Resources Institute

State of Oregon forestry information agency

Oregon Professional Loggers

Private organization of Certified Oregon Loggers

Oregon Small Woodlands Association

Private organization of Oregon small forest owners; purpose is to help private forest landowners manage their lands.

Oregon State University, Extension Service, Forestry

Find a local OSU Extension Forester; University/County-sponsored foresters

Oregon State University, College of Forestry Extension

OSU Extension Forestry & Natural Resource programs; University/County-sponsored forestry

Oregon Tree Farm System

Private organization affiliated with American Tree Farm System and American Forest Foundation; purpose is to help small private forest landowners manage their lands.

Pacific Logging Congress

Private organization for western states logging public education

Small Business; Austin Family Business Program

Education resources for Oregon small businesses, sponsored by Oregon St. University Business College

Society of American Foresters

Private organization of professional foresters

Tree Farms; American Tree Farm System

Private organization affiliated with American Forest Foundation; purpose is to help small private forest landowners manage their lands.

 Taxation of Forestry More information

Competent tax advice should be sought well before selling timber, logically during management planning. Contacting a CPA before a sale can inform of current tax law ramifications. There is also forest tax information online at:

Women Owning Woodlands

Private organization that helps women small private forest landowners manage their lands.