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Recommended Reading

On issues facing contemporary forest management

Arnold, Ron, 1987, Ecology Wars -- Environmentalism As If People Mattered, Free Enterprise Press, Bellevue, WA. In this re-evaluation of the environmental movement, Arnold contends that overzealous preservationism is destroying our heritage of free enterprise. Author is a syndicated columnist and director of a free enterprise firm.

Bailey, Ronald, editor, 1995, The True State Of The Planet -- Ten of the World's Premier Environmental Researchers in a Major Challenge to the Environmental Movement, Free Press/Simon & Schuster, New York. Scholars shatter environmental myths spread over 25 years since the first Earth Day in 1970, and redirect ecological concerns to more urgent problems of third-world pollution, water, fisheries, and eco-politics.

Bailey, Ronald, 1993, Eco-Scam -- The False Prophets of Ecological Apocalypse, St. Martin's Press, New York. Eco-Scam explores and explodes popular myths of global disaster and resource depletion, and studies the role of environmental alarmists & media that willingly plays along. Bailey covers science as a writer for Forbes and producer for PBS.

Bast, Joseph L., Hill, Peter J., & Rue, Richard C., 1994, Eco-Sanity -- A Common-Sense Guide to Environmentalism, Madison Books, Lanham, Maryland. Eco-Sanity cuts through rhetoric, false-alarms, and media hype to deliver authoritative summaries of what we know about today's environmental issues, and provides useful principles to serve as a basis for reform. Authors are respectively, an environmentalist, resource economist, and a policy analyst.

Botkin, Daniel B., 1990, Discordant Harmonies -- A New Ecology for the Twenty-first Century, Oxford University Press, New York. This scientist argues that our ability to solve environmental problems is not limited by our scientific knowledge, but rather by age-old myths and metaphors that misshape our perception of the natural world. Professor of biology & environmental studies at University of California, Santa Barbara.

Chase, Alston, 1995, In A Dark Wood -- The Fight Over Forests and the Rising Tyranny of Ecology, Houghton Mifflin, Boston. Author traces conservation philosophy leading up to the debate over endangered species, the spotted owl and old growth Northwest forests--a political doctrine now troubling the environmental movement.

Chase, Alston, 1987, Playing God in Yellowstone -- The Destruction of America's First National Park, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, New York. Chase, former chairman of the Yellowstone Library & Museum Association, traces how policies more political than scientific are combining with misguided environmental ideals to destroy the nation's largest park. He holds degrees from Harvard, Oxford and Princeton universities.

Easterbrook, Gregory, 1995, A Moment On Earth -- The Coming Age of Environmental Optimism, Viking Penguin, New York. In an optimistic view of America's environment, Easterbrook examines environmental controversies and exposes how many supposed dilemmas--such as the spotted owl--are actually fueled more by political-correctness and journalism naivety than by science. Easterbrook is a well published science writer and correspondent living in Netherlands.

Jordan, Richard N., 1994, Trees & People -- Forestland Ecosystems and Our Future, Regnery Publishing, Washington, DC. Author adroitly asserts government regulations have done more harm than good in Western forests, and that new moves to further regulate forest management are the primary threat to forest ecosystem health. Forty-year forestry veteran holds a forest management degree from Univ. of Washington.

Lee, Robert G., 1994, Broken Trust Broken Land -- Freeing Ourselves From The War Over The Environment, BookPartners, Wilsonville, OR. The dark side of politically-correct environmentalism: revealing how the misguided pursuit of ecological purity and moral persuasion leads to social, economic and environmental tragedy, and how Americans can heal. Dr. Lee is a University of Washington sociology of natural resources professor. Compulsory reading for every American!

MacCleery, Douglas W., 1993, American Forests -- A History of Resiliency And Recovery, Forest History Society, Durham, NC. Tribute to nation's resilient forests, a snapshot comparing the declining forest situation of 1900 with it's remarkable condition today. A professional forester who spent his career in private & public forestry, former deputy assistant Secretary of Agriculture, with a masters degree at Michigan State University.

Moore, Patrick, 1995, Pacific Spirit -- The Forest Reborn, Terra Bella, West Vancouver, BC. Founding member and former director of Greenpeace, Dr. Moore conveys the timely message that Northwest forests can return to grandeur, even after clear-cutting -- a powerful counterpoint to the claims of some environmentalists. Current chair of BC Forest Alliance forest practice committee, with a PHD in resource ecology from Univ. of BC.

Pendley, William Perry, 1995, War on the West -- Government Tyranny on America's Great Frontier, of Regnery, Washington, DC. Startling property rights struggle of rural western land stewards besieged by a distant bureaucracy and environmental extremists, as told by chief legal officer of a public interest law firm. Pendley successfully argued cases before the US Supreme Court, and is former assistant Secretary Energy.

Ray, Dixie Lee, with Lou Guzzo, 1993, Environmental Overkill -- Whatever Happened to Common Sense?, Regnery, Washington, DC. Expose' of the truth behind the frightening headlines of ecological disaster, illustrates how stewardship-scientific honesty-property rights are endangered by environmental extremism & media-conscious politics. The late Dr. Ray was former Washington state governor, Atomic Energy Commission chair, secretary of state for US Bureau of Oceans, and Univ of Washington professor of zoology.

Sanera, Michael and Shaw, Jane S., 1996, Facts, Not Fear -- A Parents Guide to Teaching Children About the Environment, Regnery, Washington, DC. A guidebook to help parents counter the irresponsible claims of environmental extremists--giving children a more balanced view of environmental issues. Sanera is director of an environmental education research center, and Shaw is a senior associate with an institute that studies market approaches to environmental problems.

Terrill, Steve, 1995, Oregon's New Forests, Oregon Forest Resource Institute, Portland, OR. A photographic essay of Oregon's managed forests with color images by Terrill, and an interpretive essay by Patricia K. Lichen.

Oregon Forest Resource Institute, 1995, A Guide to Exploring Oregon's New Forests, Oregon Forest Resource Institute, Portland, OR. A field booklet introducing readers to driving & walking tours, public and private forests open to the public, and museums.