Associated Oregon Loggers, Inc.
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Why Become an AOL Member?


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“AOL… The voice for Oregon Logging Operators”

Full Cycle Forest ImageWith the many small business challenges faced today, the logging and forest contractor needs a business partner on their side. While being a profitable & successful independent forest contractor is a goal most aspire to achieve, gaining the support and synergy from a business ally—such as Associated Oregon Loggers (AOL)—can help the contractor overcome some of their challenges and accomplish that goal. AOL is on the logger’s team!



Top-Ten Reasons… Why to Join AOL

  1. Full Cycle Forest Image40 years on the logger’s team. Founded in 1969, for over 40 years the association has been a respected partner for Oregon independent contractors who sought-out the association’s valued small-business services. The association works to foster an effective business, forestry and public policy climate—necessary for forest contractors to prosper in their small business operations.
  2. Savings with membership. Full Cycle Forest ImageMost member companies “make money” by belonging to AOL. How is that possible? Member programs provide real value, such as: savings from group insurance rates; insurance dividends; lessons learned; losses/accidents prevented; free technical materials; on-site consultations; improved regulation/policies; reimbursement for 1st aid & hearing training; free seminars; exclusive communication programs; fee-less logger certification; informative newsletters; camaraderie & sharing with peers; and more!
  3. Full Cycle Forest ImageBy loggers, for loggers. AOL member services have grown and evolved to continue meeting logging contractor needs. Meeting today’s challenges and addressing tomorrow’s opportunities. AOL is governed by a board, officers, and program committees comprised of Oregon loggers who volunteer their leadership.
  4. Full Cycle Forest ImageStrong voice for loggers. AOL joins you with fellow contractors in making sure your voice is heard among purchasers, landowners, lawmakers, regulators, lobbyists, allied associations, media, and the public—without you having to take time away from the job. AOL collaborates with at least 11 other forestry and farm trade groups in Oregon, to assure that contractor interests become collectively more powerful.
  5. Full Cycle Forest ImageValuable services. AOL provides members with highly sought-after programs, including: government affairs, group insurance benefits, industry relations, field communications, professional logger certification, public relations, technical assistance, and community service.
  6. Full Cycle Forest ImageParticipation & sharing. AOL-sponsored AOL-sponsored meetings, conferences, committees, and seminars allow you to participate, socialize, and share information and camaraderie with other loggers and industry representatives. Such communication and programs foster innovation and continuous improvement.
  7. Full Cycle Forest ImageExperienced staff.  AOL’s staff of 16 skilled professionals provides excellent service, consultation, and representation for the associations’ 1,000 member companies. Your association staff collectively has over 370 years of experience in harvesting and forest business professions.
  8. Full Cycle Forest ImageState policymaking. Your association strongly represents the forest contractor interests in state government and agency policymaking, including the Oregon Legislature, Forestry Department, OR-OSHA, BOLI, SAIF, ODOT, DEQ, ODFW, and other state & county agencies. The AOL-Political Action Committee gives Oregon loggers influence in the Legislature.
  9. Full Cycle Forest ImageFederal policymaking. The association reliably represents the forest contractor interests in federal government and agency policymaking, including the US Congress, US Forest Service, BLM, Fed-OSHA, Fed-DOT, EPA, USFWS, NMFS, and others.
  10. Full Cycle Forest ImageConsultation. The experienced staff of AOL provides member companies with valuable consultation, technical advice, and safety materials. As the contract operator faces the day-to-day challenges of business, it’s reassuring to know that AOL is a part of the contractor’s team—offering guidance in those regulatory matters, compliance, or just sharing improved methods.

Being in the logging and forest contracting business is competitive. It’s never been easy; and today’s forest contractor has a never-ending list of obstacles to overcome for most any contract situation. AOL programs can aid in topping hurdles, such as operational, regulatory, contractual, accounting, workforce, managerial, financial and surety, to name a few.

By joining AOL—with America’s largest logging association membership—you add a strong player to help your forest business have a winning team!