Associated Oregon Loggers, Inc.
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AOL Services | Mission and Goals
AOL Mission and Goals

Associaton of Oregon Loggers: Man on Mission "Written decades ago, and periodically updated, the association mission & goals today remain a relevant guide to AOL’s board, officers, and staff in providing valued services that help member companies compete and prosper in the challenging 2010s forest business climate.

Founded in 1969, for more than 40 years the association has provided business services to contract logging firms and allied forestry businesses.

Our Mission

Being successful in your own business is one of the most rewarding achievements that a person can attain. Not only will it provide economic rewards, it is also confirmation of one's faith in themselves that they can make it in today's complex business world.

The challenges faced by the Contract Logger and the businesses associated with this endeavor have never been greater. While independence is a goal for all of us, we realize that we stand a much greater chance for success if we have the right help.

Associated Oregon Loggers was created by loggers, for loggers, and its sole purpose is to do everything in its power to assist loggers in their quest for success.

Association Oregon Loggers: Convergence of Goals
  • To provide business services specifically tailored for the contract logger and related businesses.
  • To be recognized as a major force to be dealt with in Oregon politics.
  • To bring reason and practicality to those regulatory issues that confront the contract logger.
  • To work through all possible avenues to acquire and maintain an acceptable supply of timber from all landowner sources.
  • To communicate to the public the facts about the logging industry, maintaining and building public support for your businesses.
  • To facilitate meetings and events allowing interaction between fellow contract loggers, their related business associates, and others they work with and for.
  • To recognize timber harvest professionalism, as well as promoting sustainable Oregon forests and continuing education for loggers.