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About the Oregon Professional Logger Program (OPL)
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About OPL Image What is the Oregon Professional Logger Program? Continuing education for loggers

The Oregon Professional Logger program (OPL) is a voluntary professional standard that qualifies logging operator companies for their continuing education in forest practices, safety, business and sustainable forestry. OPL is the ‘Qualified Logging Professional’ training program recognized by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative(SFI) in Oregon. The OPL is a professional standard, designed by loggers for loggers.

Who is an OPL-Qualified logging operator? Harvest-related company listed in OPL Directory

An OPL-Qualified logging operator is a harvest-related company that has fulfilled OPL standards to enroll, complete & maintain credits in continuing education. Operator companies (loggers, road builders, cutters, log truckers, and other allied timber harvest contractors) are listed in the online OPL Directory [link to Oregon Pro-Logger directory]

About OPL Image How does a company get started? Enroll first

Contact AOL to enroll within 60-days of attending qualified training, before receiving OPL credit. OPL enrollment requires that a company either join as an AOL member or become an OPL Subscriber (fee required). AOL keeps a credit record for each OPL company.

To begin OPL, how many classes are needed? 32 credit-hours total, “Initial OPL”

Within 12 months, a company first must complete the required initial 32-credit-hours of continuing education to receive OPL status. This includes the Basic Forest Practices Workshop (6 OPL-Forest Practices credits), and the SFT video-based employee training module. One hour of education equals one OPL credit.

To maintain OPL, how many classes are needed? 10 credit-hours per year, “Maintenance”

After completing Initial OPL credit-hours, OPL company must annually complete at least 10-credits of maintenance per calendar year—including 3 OPL-Forest Practices credits, and the SFT video-based employee training module. Completion of annual maintenance credit qualifies that company to hold its OPL Qualification for the entire next calendar year.

About OPL Image What types of credit? What is OPL-Forest Practices credit? OPL-FP or OPL-General

There are two types of OPL credit: OPL-Forest Practices credit (either Oregon Forest Practices Rules or fire prevention regulations); or OPL-General credits (any topic applicable to a company)

Can any forestry class qualify for OPL-Forest Practices credit? Only ODF-endorsed

OPL-Forest Practices (FP) credit content must be about either Oregon forestry or fire regulation. Program must be instructed, involved or endorsed by Oregon Dept. of Forestry, Fire Protection Assoc., authorized OPL Self-Test, or SFT employee training.

Is employee training required? Yes. SFT-Video Employee Training

Annually, the OPL company must provide documentation that each field employee has completed the SFT employee training module (Sustainable Forestry Training for Logging Operators), for that year.

About OPL Image What are the ways to receive OPL credit? Seven ways to get credit

  1. Training Course
  2. In Person/Online Class
  3. Conference
  4. Tour/Field Program
  5. Consultation with a Training Professional
  6. Independent Study (Both formal/self-study)
  7. SFT employee training module

Where does a logging operator find classes? From any training provider or program

An OPL company must find & attend training appropriate for their business—offered by any training provider or agency. Loggers tailor their own training program to suit their company’s continuing education needs. AOL periodically provides some training information/schedules.

How will a company receive OPL credit? Send written proof to AOL

An enrolled OPL company must forward written proof of training completion to AOL in order to receive OPL credit. Proof can be a training agenda, certificate, punch card, sign-in sheet, letter or other copy [AOL provides forms]. Verify current OPL credit status by contacting AOL.

About OPL Image When does OPL Qualification expire? 4 ways to lose OPL status

An OPL company becomes delinquent when any one of the following:

  1. Annual enrollment dues unpaid
  2. Prior-year insufficient credits
  3. Sanctioned for unprofessional conduct
  4. resignation from Program
Delinquent companies will be removed from the OPL Directory.

Why participate in OPL; How does a logger benefit? To be an OPL-Qualified Contractor?

Continuing education helps operators keep pace by acquiring skills needed to succeed in business. OPL sets a professional standard, which also qualifies a company to contract with Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Qualified landowners & mills. The American Tree Farm System (ATFS) encourages use of Qualified loggers. OPL loggers are also Master Logger Qualified (MLC), under American Loggers Council.

Who makes OPL rules? OPL governed by loggers, for loggers. Participation is voluntary

The OPL Standards Handbook is administered by AOL under guidance from Oregon loggers. Program is overseen by AOL’s Board of Directors, Officers and OPL Committee. Participation in OPL Qualification is voluntary.

About OPL ImageHow does the OPL define professionalism? OPL Conduct Code

The professional activities of a Qualified OPL operator are inspired and guided by an ‘OPL Professional Conduct Code,’ which is included in the OPL Standards Handbook.

Where can an operator get more information about OPL standards? Contact AOL

AOL members, or OPL Subscribers, may request a current copy of the OPL Standards Handbook by contacting the AOL office. The Handbook details specific enrollment, qualifications, requirements, sanctions, records, and professional conduct for OPL companies.