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Professional Logger's Brief
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Oregon Pro-Logger Directory
A list of OPL-certified logging operator companies (loggers, road builders, cutters, log truckers, and other allied timber harvest contractors) is found in the OPL Directory.

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Professional Logger Program (OPL)

Across Oregon, logging operators participate in the Oregon Professional Logger program (OPL) to keep their business competitive in today’s forest industry. The OPL program is a voluntary professional standard that certifies logging & forest operator companies (contractors) for their continuing education and adherence to professionalism.

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About OPL

This page describes the details about what is the Oregon Professional Logger Program—a voluntary professional standard, designed by loggers for loggers. OPL is a qualified logger training program, which is recognized and by certified forest managers and manufacturers across Oregon, including the Sustainable Forestry Initiative?(SFI) and American Tree Farm System (ATFS).

OPL Standards

The written standards and rules for the OPL program are specified in the current edition of the OPL Standards Handbook.

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Forest Practices Education

There are two types of OPL credit: OPL-Forest Practices credit (FP) or OPL-General credits (any topic applicable to a company). OPL-FP credit content must be about either Oregon forestry or fire regulation. Program must be instructed, involved or endorsed by Oregon Dept. of Forestry, Fire Protection Assoc., authorized OPL Self-Test, or SFT employee training.

AOL publishes monthly the Oregon “Forest Practices Training Calendar,” listing planned OPL-Forest Practices seminars (published only during fall-winter spring).

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Education Resources

This class schedule lists only a few of the training programs & conferences, which AOL has identified for such sources as Oregon-OSHA and Oregon-BOLI. Statewide, there are hundreds of educational programs—applicable to forest operators—offered by many training providers, which could qualify for OPL credit.

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OPL Review

AOL publishes monthly the “OPL Review,” offering current news and useful information about education or forest certification for Oregon Professional Logger Program (OPL) companies.