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OPL | Class Schedule
Thursday, June 30, 2022

Statewide, there are hundreds of educational programs offered by many training providers - which qualify for OPL credit.
Refer to the monthly "OPL Review" for additional ideas on where to find education programs that qualify for OPL credit.

To register for an Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) class call 503-731-4860 or visit to get a registration form.

To register for an Oregon OSHA lass call 1-888-292-5247 or visit to get a registration form.


How to keep current with annual OPL-Maintenance credit requirements:

  1. Minimum of 10 credit-hours per year in any continuing education topic, of which at least 4 credits must be in Oregon forest practices or fire regulations;
  2. Completing 10 credit-hours in the current calendar-year, maintains OPL status through the next calendar-year;
  3. To find additional OPL credit programs, refer to the OPL Review and attached OPL Education Calendars-mailed monthly on the 15th to OPL members;
  4. Qualified OPL education includes any education applicable to the OPL company-and the attending employee's or owner's job;
  5. OPL education may be a class, training, conference, technical meeting, consultation, informative program, online study/classes, or licensing program; and
  6. OPL company must report completion of OPL credit to AOL in writing [AOL receives attendance lists only for AOL-sponsored programs].


If you have additional questions regarding the OPL program please contact AOL at 1-800-452-6023.