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Friends of Paul Bunyan Foundation
Paul Bunyan
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The overall mission of the Foundation is to further the cause of science, education and public understanding of forest resource issues as well as general charity and giving to organized charities.

There are numerous foundations operating in this field today, but few that work from the perspective of natural resource producers. These are the organizations that produce the food, fiber and other needs of society from the natural resource base of this state and nation. Unfortunately, there is a lack of public information and education surrounding the scientific management of our natural resources. There are many myths and misconceptions about our forest resources and the management of these resources. This Foundation perceives the need to dispel these myths and misconceptions as a big part of its work.

Assisting in the needs of our human resources through work with organized charities is another prime activity of the Foundation. Private charities play an important role in our society in dealing with human needs of all kinds.

The Foundation is organized as a membership organization with Associated Oregon Loggers, Inc. being the sole member. It is the desire of Associated Oregon Loggers, Inc. to play a meaningful role in activities in the public interest offered by the Foundation.

Friends of Paul Bunyan

The Foundation has been formed with the objectives of:

  1. Supporting science-based natural resource educational projects in our schools
  2. Funding forest management research projects at qualifying colleges and universities
  3. Assisting in projects that clarify and inform the public relative to natural resource issues of importance to concerned citizens
  4. Giving to organized charities
  5. Funding of educational scholarships in the field of forest resource production

Grants from the Foundation are made for scientific and educational projects related to forestry and resource education, as well as support for charitable endeavors. Grants may also be made to other projects dealing with forest and natural resource activities which meet the requirements of the Foundation and comply with state and federal law.

oregon logger cutting tree The Foundation is looking for proposals that have the promise of broad-scale or long term impact on significant needs of society, be they charitable or natural resource-related endeavors.

It is necessary for an organization to submit a formal proposal in order for the Foundation to determine if a project is within its grant making interests. Usually it is not possible for Foundation directors or staff to meet with grant seekers until after a proposal has passed a first screening.

Proposals may be submitted at any time of the year, but grants will generally be made on a calendar quarter-basis only. Grant requests must be received at least three months in advance of the quarter in which the grant is desired. If a proposal has been declined, it should not be resubmitted for at least 12 months unless substantial changes related to the proposal are made prior to that time.

Friends of Paul Bunyan

Grants will be made only to IRS recognized 501(c)(3) organizations and similarly qualified organizations such as public schools, colleges and universities, except for scholarships to individuals under the scholarship program of the Foundation.

Limitations on Foundation Operations

No activities prohibited by the IRS code for tax-exempt organizations shall be performed by the Foundation.

Some examples:

  • No contributions to political candidates.
  • No contributions to political parties.
  • No contributions to political activism projects.
  • No projects that attempt to influence legislation at any level of government.
  • No informational activities that would be considered propaganda.
  • All contributions must be consistent with the articles of incorporation (charitable, scientific and educational).

For an application grant form for the Friends of Paul Bunyan Foundation, as well as more information, contact Associated Oregon Loggers at (503) 364-1330.