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Logging Safety Brief
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Continuous Improvement In Safety

Impressive advances in technology and safe work practices over the last century have changed forestry operations at a lightning fast pace. Continuous improvement in forest engineering techniques helps make forestry work safer and provides rewarding occupations for those seeking outdoor work.

Logging Safety Programs Image Logging Safety Programs

Safety & health programs for Oregon loggers and other forest operators are implemented and available through a host of private organizations and government agencies. These organizations work in cooperation with logging contractors to promote safe practices, plans and operations that improve safety performance on-the job.

Workers Comp Insurance Image Workers Comp Insurance & Safety Program

Associated Oregon Loggers, Inc. (AOL) serves the needs of logging and forestry customers insured in the SAIF workers’ compensation program. AOL’s unique, long-term relationship with SAIF Corporation provides association members with specialized services in logging jobsite safety, health and return-to-work.

Safety Resources Image Safety Resources

This page describes a variety of agencies and organizations that support the safe, healthy and fair field work operations for forest workers all across Oregon. “Safety” in Oregon forests, as addressed here, involves safe workplaces and worker safety. Internet links are provided to directly access further information about Oregon logging and forest activity safety.